Dress & Etiquette

Women’s Attire

Most women wear separates or sun dresses to polo. Dare to accessorize; a splash of color with a stunning silk scarf or an interestingly shaped clutch will make an outfit ‘pop’ that little bit more. Although, if possible keep the bag size small and just pack essentials.

Men’s Attire

Typically, men tend to wear chinos or dress pants and a dress shirt to polo.  A blazer or sport coat is a useful “layer” and very occasionally a guest might want to wear a tie and a panama hat. Brogues, loafers or driving shoes are excellent choices, together with sun-glasses and binoculars. Don’t hesitate to bring wellingtons!

Footwear and Purses

Even if attending a polo match in the evening, footwear must be comfortable. Most polo matches take place on large fields, and the grounds will be extensive. Women should never wear stilettos, even on the driest of days, as the propensity to sink into the newly mown grass is ever present. So opt instead for a pretty flat or an elegant wedge primarily to join in with the Half Time Divot Stomp, a wonderful opportunity to socialize with fellow spectators, which is hugely helpful to players since the torn turf is replaced efficiently and quickly.

Divot Stomping

Divot stomping is a long-standing half-time tradition. Spectators converge on the field to stomp down the turf that has been torn up by the pony’s hooves. It becomes, without fail, a quite festive few minutes.


Binoculars can come in handy at a polo match. Opinions vary regarding the best way to watch the match, but most prefer to watch the main group of players as that is where most of the action occurs.